Salient Projects


General: Project was carried out for a European electricity conglomerate with facilities distributed in country and across Europe.

Project Contents: Planning and implementation of a Security & Safety Event Management System (SEMS) for corporate management level, in 4 phases;                                                              

  • Phase I; Risk and Vulnerability Analysis on 12 representing facilities (power plants, sub-stations, data centers, head offices buildings.
  • Phase II; Construction of the H.Q. main Security & Safety Event Management Centre (EMC) and two Regional backups Control Rooms (RCR)
  • Phase III; Connecting the Systems/Sensors from 12 representing sites to the EMC and RCRs’ including; CCTV, ACCO, Intrusion Detection Systems, Alarms, Fire Detection Systems.
  • Phase IV; Connection of the same sensors/ systems from 30 more sites. Providing 5 years maintenance services


Olympic Games

As the nominated security consultant for Athens 2004 Olympiad we carried out the followings;

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) study on Terror Groups and high risk delegations
  • Threat Assessment (TAS) and Venue Vulnerability Study (VVS) for 60 venues and national critical infrastructures (mass transport, energy, ports, airports, water supply, and communication).
  • Venues Security Concept design.
  • Suicide Phenomena Analysis
  • Blast Mitigation Study   



Under RSO certification for a European Ministry of Merchant Marine

  • Project content: Port Facility Security Assessments (PFSA), Port
  • Facility Security Plans (PFSP), training of ports personnel and the security organization at 30 ports and port facilities.
  • All PFSA and PFSP obtained IMO approval and all ports were ISPS certified