Physical Security

Critical Infrastructures and Key Resources (CIKR)

Typical Clients;
States, Governments, Public, Business private sectors; owners, operators, manufacturers, producers:

  • Energy – Gas, Oil, Electricity, Nuclear
  • Petrochemical & Chemical Industry
  • Water Supplies
  • Mass Transportation – Land, Aviation, Maritime
  • Communication & Broadcasting Networks
  • National Symbolic Landmarks
  • Structures of High-profile Status

IDS Expertise;

Security Audits and Concepts Development

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Consequences and Risks Analysis
  • Gaps Analysis
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Planning the security Concept of Operation – CONOPS

Improve and Plan Security Organizations

  • Structure and Command Chain
  • Missions, Duties and Responsibilities
  • Standing Routine and Operational Procedures
  • Equipment and Gear
  • Constructing and Training the Work force
  • Long term placement of security professionals

Improve and Plan Security Operations

  • Feasible Threat Scenarios
  • Adversaries Course of Action
  • The Ascribed Threat
  • Alert and Combat levels
  • Emergency situations and Procedures
  • Drills and Exercises

Security Engineering – Planning, Projects Management, Turn-Key

  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Design of Integration and Interfaces
  • Preparation and Evaluation of Tenders
  • Assistance in Vendors selection
  • Supervision of Implementation – Installation and Commissioning
  • Systems Acceptance Tests
  • Evaluation of Security Equipment and Contractors
  • Training

Design of Infrastructure

  • Development of Security Technical Concepts – CONOTS
  • Security Systems Integration
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Security Information Management
  • Software Programs
  • Anti-Blast Engineering
  • Communication Systems
  • Software

Mega – Events

Typical clients;
Police, Federations, Organizing Committees, Security Companies and Integrators, VIP’s, Top Performers; for events such as:

  • Olympic games
  • World Sport Events
  • High Profile Summits and Conventions
  • Election candidates and campaigns
  • Mega Stars and Concerts

IDS Expertise;

Our Mega Event Security Services cover the entire period leading up to the “Closing of the Event”.

We offer the following services as joint effort and in cooperation with the official Responsible Security Body;

Definition of the Concept

  • Supply of Open Source Intelligence on potential adversaries and risk carriers participants
  • Intelligence led Threats and Risks Assessments
  • Assistance in the development of the Strategic Plan, Master Plan and of the Tactical Plans

Operational Planning – Initiation

  • Assistance in the development of the Preferred Security Position (PSP) and the Security Operations Template

Operational Planning – Detailed

  • Detailed Security Operational Plan
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Development of Security Operational Plans ( Venue and Special Operations )
  • Integration of Venue and Special operations Plans
  • Development of Security Policies and Operational Procedures
  • Integration of Event (s) Operations and Security Policies and Procedures

Operational Readiness

  • Training Programs Implementation
  • Planning of Security Operational Readiness Exercises
  • Revision / Fine – tuning of Security Operational Plans and Procedures

Assistance in Operational Transition

  • Venue Workforce Training
  • Venue Security Sweeps and Lock Down
  • Ongoing Expert Advise

Security/safety Events Management System (SEMS)

Typical Clients;
Military, Police, Municipalities, Safe/Smart Cities, Mega Events, Critical Infrastructures and Key Resources enterprises operating in a distributed environment like; Airports, Sea Ports, Public Transport, Oil-Gas- Nuclear and Electricity companies , Petrochemical, Chemical, Biological industries , Water supply.

IDS Expertise;

IDS, Design and implement Security/Safety Events Management Systems (SEMS) for deployment and operating in H.Q. Command and Control Centers.

The SEMS enables decision makers to receive in real-time the relevant information of an unfolding event, it increases their situation awareness, orientation and the understanding of the “Event Status Picture”(ESP) – all in live video.

The ESP gives the decision makers the ability to take the right actions to manage and control the event.

SEMS characteristics;

  • Powered by a unique software platform
  • Combine information from numerous sources to increase operational efficiencies and responsiveness enterprise-wide.
  • Provides SEMS operators an overarching view across all systems and geo-location devices, combining multiple data streams into a unified interface all on a single centralized, user-friendly dashboard
  • IDS system combines and leverages the following functionalities:
      • Real-time situation awareness and management
      • Efficient response and notification
      • Event reconstruction and debriefing
      • Preventive intelligence evidence gathering
      • Planning and compliance
      • Dashboard Visualization
      • Fuse Systems/Sensors for a Comprehensive View
  • SEMS provides a comprehensive view of information from multiple devices/sources;
      • Mobile Phone Sensor; GPS Tracking; CAD & Communication;
      • Mass Notification; Panic signals
      • Face Recognition; Identity; Access Control
      • Fire Detection
      • Weather forecasts systems/ reports
      • Radar; Intrusion Detection Systems
      • Video Management Software; Video Analytics; LPR
      • External Databases