Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)



Our team of veteran intelligence researchers, proficient in over 20 languages, conducts research-on-demand covering a wide variety of topics and formats:

Company insight

Research covering past and present activities of a single company, analyzing media publications, official statements and industry gossip to assess the state of the company, its business or governmental ties, its prospects and entanglements, its managers and shareholders, etc..

Personal profile insight

Research – Covering the complete background of an individual as portrayed by all available open and public sources. This covers current and previous businesses and partnerships, criminal records and law-suits, cross-ownerships, personal details, and any other past, current and pending issues.

Location insight

Research – covering a geographical region, analyzing parameters relevant to our clients’ fields of operation, such as governmental intervention, investment prospects, regulation, corruption and crime, terrorist threats etc.

VIP and Travel Risk Assessment

The threats vary, and are typically driven by ethnic, political, religious, business or personal motives. Our investigation is targeted at analyzing these potential motives, and assessing the type of threat derived from them.


IDS counsels and trains intelligence officers to independently carry out integrated research and analysis. Our trainers are handpicked from amongst the highest ranks of various intelligence fields.

Consultancy and guidance

IDS provides step-by-step consultancy in the founding or reorganization of intelligence bodies. Our expertise lies in systematically creating efficient, competent intelligence workforces, designed to meet the specific requirements of governments and large corporate entities.



IDS is an official contractor of international organizing committees, and has been providing intelligence and security solutions for international mega events since 2002.

We are familiar with the structure and needs of the bodies responsible for security during large scale events, and are able to synchronize data and knowledge with local computer environments, data-mining platforms and Command & Control Centers.

During an international sporting event or business or political conference, participating delegations become potential targets of political terrorism seeking a media-filled environment in which to “export” their activities and messages. To counter these risks, we offer our solutions:

Intelligence Reports

General risk analysis
Perform comprehensive analysis of the various risks to the event. This report is the foundation for further research and inquiry.

Delegation reports
Analysis of the risk to all delegations participating in the event.
(Information | sensitivity factors | vulnerabilities | Risk rating)

VIP reports
Analysis of the risk to specific people related to the event (Security executives, key
figures, delegation leaders, local & foreign government representatives etc.)

Terrorist organization reports
Analysis of threats posed by all major extremist factions and terrorist organizations to the event and to the international delegations participating.
(Abilities | Motivation | Documentation | Modus operandi | Threat rating)

Periodical Updates
We offer crucial periodical updates containing:

  • A powerful review of internet activity in terror-related websites | blogs | chat rooms
  • Recent trends in terrorism & a review of recent terrorist activity by region
  • Operational methods in recent terrorist activity
  • An analysis of weapons & technology usage in recent terrorist and criminal activity
  • Updates usually include a frontal briefing at the client site

Training Courses
As part of our comprehensive intelligence solutions for mega events, we offer our knowledge and expertise in the following areas: 

  • OSINT research training
  • Terror, state & military intelligence research
  • Effective methods of creating intelligence papers
  • Research management training
  • Surveillance & tracking

Realistic Simulation
“Real life” simulation training of all levels of the local security forces, testing the performance of first responders, in the aspect of information traffic and crisis management.

Consultation and Guidance
We offer our expertise in the acquisition and application of intelligence-creating technologies, based on the exact needs of the local intelligence and security agencies. We ensure that only critical technologies are purchased, implemented and, most importantly, integrated into the existing flow of information.



IDS works with governments across the globe, putting at their disposal a powerful team of researchers, analysts, technological experts and trainers, all aimed at enabling the state:

  • A better understanding of close and remote environments
  • A comprehensive, periodically updated geo-political analysis
  • Consultancy in the efforts to better the means by which information is analyzed and collected
  • Training of intelligence officers and technical personnel, in order to enable independence of the various security bodies.
  • We offer consultancy and training in OSINT, Communication Intelligence, UAV solutions, Organizational structure of intelligence bodies and integration of intelligence related technologies.