Special Operations

Travel Security

Journey Management and Secure Transportation Services

  • We plan, structure and deploy our service as dictated by the latest threat, intelligence picture and specific requirements of our clients, the task and the operating environment.
  • Close Armed Protection (CAP); carried out in accordance to the local laws, by experienced, highly trained, best equipped and armed, licensee, authorized and insured security personnel
  • Safe land/air/sea transport; we use armored or soft-skin vehicles, ATV’s, light planes/helicopters, high speed boats; all in accordance with mission’s needs.
  • Technical means; we deploy Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM), radio and satellite communications systems, devices with GPS traceable systems and stress bottoms, which enable operations center to track clients’ movements in real time, guide and talk to them.
  • High Risk Arenas; We plan all our client movements and ensure a transport cross-over capability and Quick Response Team (QRT) support from our operations hubs.

Expatriates and Executives Security

Life and Logistical Support

In many complex markets we use our local business knowledge to support clients with their market entry, settlement and with day to day administration. Our life/ logistical support for our clients is a caretaker style approach to our work supporting clients, services can include:

  • An airport ‘meet and greet’ service (that in some markets can include visa assistance)
  • Market entry and license advice
  • Secure villa/compound accommodation
  • Paying local expenses on behalf of our clients
  • Medical support and emergency first aid

We use our in-depth country knowledge to advice and support our clients’ security;

  • We create comprehensive personal protection plans
  • We set-up close protection integrated layouts for the client, family, houses, offices/business, travels.
  • We plan and set-up evacuation and rescue operations
  • We provide protection services and specialist training for above

Executives Protection in High Risk Arenas

Our specialized, low profile teams comprise highly trained former Special Forces professionals skilled in protecting diplomats and businessmen who operate in high-threat or complex environments that are at risk of physical attack or be a potential hostage target.

Our teams are customized to each client’s individual requirements with consideration given to the operating environment, very latest threat state and security profile.

Global, real-time, Threat and Incident Monitoring

IDS provide Global Monitoring from a Command Center available 24 hours a day all year round.

The operators’ team is qualified to assist our clients in avoiding or mitigating a sensitive situation and to advice, even speak with them, on the best method of action they should follow in order to help them maintain or reach safety.

With a multi-lingual capability and experience managing crisis under stressful conditions, our operators have access to a myriad of data pertaining to intelligence and current risks in cities and countries, hotels, hospitals, pharmacies, police and other emergency services, embassies, local transport and of course the link to our Global Response Network.

Special units and Technologies – Setting-up and Training

  • Anti-terror units
  • Law-enforcement special units, SWAT teams
  • VIP’s protection units/teams
  • Corporate security organizations
  • Development and performance of large-scale security, Operation Readiness Exercises and improvement of training programs
  • Equipping units

Technical Counter Measures

  • Sweeping and Surveillance services
  • Review of information security policies and procedures
  • Telephone line analysis
  • Radio frequency spectrum analysis
  • Physical inspection for surveillance devices

Security/Defense Global Trade

  • Supply of new or surplus military systems, stocks and spare parts
  • Supply of police and civil protection equipment and gear