IDS Global is an international security consulting firm and a physical security solutions provider.

IDS Global carry an extensive track record of successful, operational security projects.

IDS Global has a proven unique experience in managing and implementing complex, multi-disciplinary, large-scale security projects.

We provide first-rate, world class comprehensive security and risk management services;

Our uniqueness lies in the capability to provide inclusive security solutions covering and integrating; Intelligence; Risks Assessment and Vulnerabilities Mitigation; Planning and Implementation; Organization set-up; Security Operations and Management.

This unique experience highly benefits our clients, it enables a shorter and less costly process, concentration of effort and resources and most important; the construction and operating of an effective defense layout or operation against the credible attack scenarios.

We offer our clients; unique capabilities in intelligence gathering and assessments, professional consultancy, life preserving and cost effective, physical security services and operations.

We insure the safety of the people, the missions’ carried out and business continuity.

Our services cover three main security domains;


Our service is aimed for; Critical Infrastructures and Key Resources, Mega Events, Central Management of Risks and Events.

We carry out security surveys and audits to improve and upgrade existing security layouts and for planning of new ones, we assess the following;

  • Intelligence availability
  • Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • The Security Organization (structure, duties & responsibilities, recruitment, courses, training, technical means and gears)
  • Procedures for Routine and Emergency
  • Security Systems
  • Risks and Events Management

We develop Security Concepts. Our concepts designs are risk based and smartly integrated in the proper proportions assuring cost effectiveness.

We design, plan, engineer, implement and manage Security Projects.

In our projects we provide our clients with;

  • Optimal integration of the security system into the client’s daily routine.
  • Favorable cost/benefit ratio.
  • Dynamic systems which adapt to changing conditions, risks and policies.
  • Highest level of customer service


We provide comprehensive security and logistics, crisis response and risk management services in complexed, high-risk, hostile arenas/countries.

We secure our clients’ employees, assets, operations and reputation.

We give our clients’ peace of mind to focus solely on running safely daily operations and to accomplish their missions.

We work across multiple governmental and business sectors, our services include;

  • Travel Security
  • Expatriates Security – Life and Logistical Support
  • Executives Protection
  • Global, real-time, Threat and Incident Monitoring
  • Special units – Setting-up and training
  • Technical Counter Measures


We provide our clients with intelligence and security related solutions, empowering them with decision support insight at every junction.

IDS task force of elite intelligence officers is capable of carrying out tailored research and analysis in over 20 languages, delivering powerful insight to support critical decisions. We cater to both Strategy and Security departments, providing services ranging from competitive intelligence to personal profiling and VIP risk assessments.

Our Open Source Intelligence services include;

  • Corporate Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Government OSINT
  • Mega Events OSINT